Imagining Futures
seeks to contribute to
Preventing Conflict, Building Sustainable Peace
Reducing Barriers to Capacity Sharing
by co-creating tools for a collective understanding of
Egalitarian Archival Practice
its associated
Dissensus Methodologies
and to advocate for
Culture to be Recognised as a Human Need

Archives are negotiations about visions of the future – whose story will continue to be told and how, and whose silenced – these become acute in moments of post-conflict, displacement and reconstruction. Our Network depends on linking expertise from contexts where these issues are paramount: in Lebanon, Tanzania, Ghana, South Africa, and if possible Syria. Here we build methodologies of egalitarian archiving practice that allows for co-existence and recognition of multiple experiences and narratives of the past that challenge a singular ‘we’. Our aspiration is to do this through: exploratory Labs, commissioned projects, creation of new archives, reading existing archives against the grain, and (re)thinking sites of memory. To date we have been able to run a small pilot project, hosted in Lindi, Tanzania, with links to Baddawi Camp in Lebanon and Central Saint Martins, UAL in London, UK, funded by a GCRF – AHRC development award. The preliminary results are summarised in the short documentary film Re-Imagining Sites of Memory, by Mark Kaplan (edited by Nancy Rushohora and Izette Mostert) (English | Swahili).

NEWS: We are delighted that Imagining Futures Through Un/Archived Pasts has just been awarded 4 years of funding to carry out our activities as a Network Plus, by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC). The Network Plus grant is part of the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) scheme. Read the Press Release.

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